Inspection technicians


The road loading of high and low flash petroleum products can be considered as one of the potentially higher risk activities in a typical terminal operating environment.

To ensure that risks are managed to an appropriate level, the road tankers that enter the terminals to load must satisfy two broad requirements:

  • To ensure that there is no loss of liquid or vapour containment during loading, the vehicles must be designed and constructed to ensure that they are completely compatible with the loading rack mechanical, electrical and control systems. Complete compatibility with the majority of loading racks in the UK is achieved by constructing the vehicles in accordance with the Energy Institute Code of Practice “ Petroleum road tanker design and construction” 
  • The mechanical and electrical systems fitted to the vehicles must be adequately maintained to a suitable standard such that they do not present an unacceptable risk during loading 

To ensure that these broad requirements are met, technicians that carry out SLPS inspections are required to be trained and approved under the scheme.

The SLPS Inspection Technician training includes a pass/fail assessment of both knowledge and skills. The one-day course will concentrate on SLPS inspections and delegates will need to possess a level of competence in relation to the examination, testing and repair of tankers before they undertake the SLPS course, in order to achieve a pass. It is up to Inspection Providers to satisfy themselves that delegates are suitable for the course, but a guideline to suitability might include either: 

  • At the start of the SLP Course, they have been continuously employed on the maintenance and repair of petroleum vehicles for a period of three years or
  • Have within the previous 6 months, attended and passed a Petroleum Tanker Maintenance and Repair Course which follows the content of the Energy Institute publication: A model syllabus for the training of technicians involved in the examination, testing, maintenance and repair of petroleum road tankers.

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