Recognised by members of the UK Petroleum Industries Association (UKPIA) and the Tank Storage Association (TSA), the Safe Loading Pass Scheme (SLPS) aims to identify vehicles and trailers that have been deemed to meet specified safety standards for admittance to fuel loading terminals.

The scheme is owned by UKPIA with support from the TSA. The two associations, together with member representatives, direct the scheme and set the standards for vehicle and trailer inspections, inspection technician training as well as inspection locations by way of a Management Group.

Logistics UK delivers the scheme on their behalf and is an advisory member of the Management Group, along with the Energy Institute, the Downstream Oil Distribution Forum and a User Group representative. 

The revised Safe Loading Pass Scheme became active from the 30th April 2015.


The SLPS is administered by the Logistics UK.  Contact with the scheme administrators can be made via the Contacts tab above


Safe Loading Pass Scheme Complaints Process

  • Introduction

This process is in relation to any appeals and complaints relating to the Safe Loading Pass Scheme.

Appeals and complaints can be received by the Scheme Manager (Logistics UK) from various sources, including:

  • An Inspection Provider
  • An individual Technician
  • The general public
  • Social media
  • The Safe Loading Pass Scheme Management Group
  • Enforcement agencies

 Where an Inspection Provider or Technician has been advised of the outcome of their site assessment or training, they may choose to appeal or lodge a complaint about the decision, especially where they have not demonstrated all the required standards.

  • Process

Details of an appeal/complaint can be entered using the below link:

SLPS Complaints Form

Once details are received, the management team within Logistics UK holds responsibility for ensuring a thorough, independent investigation is carried out.

A letter (via email) may be issued to the Inspection Provider/Technician in question, requesting additional details regarding the appeal/complaint. The letter will request a response from the Inspection Provider/Technician back to the investigating manager within 5 working days. The investigation may also include discussions with the auditor/trainer who carried out the site assessment/training for clarification of events and evidence provided on the day.

Failure to respond by the Inspection Provider/Technician within 5 working days may result in them being suspended from the Safe Loading Pass scheme until a decision about the appeal/complaint has been made.

Throughout the investigation, the Logistics UK manager will collate relevant evidence which must be retained on file for review, as and when required.

When enough investigation details and notes relating to the appeal/complaint have been obtained, the information will be shared with the Safe Loading Pass Scheme Management Group for review. 

There must be a minimum of 5 members of the Safe Loading Pass Scheme Management Group present for a decision to be made. In the event of deadlock, the casting vote will be made by the joint chairs of the SLPS Management Group.

Logistics UK is responsible for recording and informing the Inspection Provider/Technician of the outcome of investigation and subsequent decision, within 5 working days of the decision being made.